Class Descriptions

Classes are offered in all dance disciplines beginner through pre professional. Special classes are offered for 2-5 years old. Westside Studio runs on a 15 week semester schedule, which closely coincides with the area school districts. Single Class and Punch Card passes are available.

Adults if you’d like to dance your way into shape, check out our regular class schedule. All dance disciplines are offered to you Ballet, Modern, Tap, Jazz & Hip Hop. Wear free moving clothing or dance clothes. The right shoes are all you need.


Ballet is a formalized style of movement that started in the courts of Europe. It has established terminology and sets of exercises which are incorporated into a Ballet Barre and then center work. Body placement, posture, balance, musicality, flexibility and coordination are stressed.
We have a graded curriculum starting at Level 1-4 for Children and progressing through Level A or 5A-8. Auditions are not required however; a placement class may be required to determine an appropriate level for a new student

***Training Methods instilled in all our class work for Levels 1-7
RUSSIAN (VAGANOVA) ~ Fixed Points of the Practice Room & Stage
FRENCH SCHOOL ~ Port de bras

Pointe Preparation does not begin until a girl has reached the age of ten or older and will continue for a year or more until the instructor feels she is ready for the rigors of pointe work.


Jazz borrows from Modern and Ballet technique and develops stylistically. Therefore it is wise to have studied Ballet or Modern previously or concurrently with Jazz. Classes consist of warm up, floor stretch, center barre and the combinations of dance steps, leaps and turns.


Tap is a rhythmic footwork done with special shoes designed for tap. Its origins are in America, based on the Irish Jig and clogging. Tap has its own terminology, which is incorporated into class. The emphasis is placed on rhythm, style and clarity of sounds produced.


Hip Hop is fun fast, and funky. It borrows from street dancing and is what is seen on typical MTV videos.


Modern puts great emphasis on body movement and includes warm-up, floor work and center work. Classes are design to improve strength flexibility, muscle tone and coordination.


Basic Broadway class focuses on building the skills necessary to dance in musical reviews and musical theatre productions. Emphasis is placed on developing the techniques necessary to convey the story behind the movements including time, delivery and intention. Students have the opportunity to develop characters within themes of Broadway show and explore: movement to convey story lines; use of props; audition techniques; improvisation; partnering. A variety of dance styles are explored including modern, ballet, jazz and character. Dance experience required


High Intermediate. This is a Jazz based class geared as a benefit for intermediate to advanced level students only. Focus and attention is given to the details of perfecting and adding to the dancer’s base of skills. (Please know that all classes work on turns & leaps)


Musical Theater/Vocal teaches basic singing techniques along with Broadway style dancing and theatrical performance.