What is Défilé:

Défilé means "Parade or procession of dancers." I'm not sure how they began to use it, but The Paris Opera has used the term this way for many years. Both from the French and the American point of view many have not liked the use of the term.

We have fashioned our end of year performances around this concept because it allows our studio to grow in numbers and our performances to be held within a reasonable time frame.

Westside Studio's Défilé is enjoyable, moves quickly and gives every dancer an opportunity to be on stage for an age appropriate amount of time.


2023 Défilé 
May 13th

2:00 pm &/or 7:00pm 
Dixie High School

350 East 700 South
Saint George, UT 84770



We will have two shows. One at 2:00 pm and another at 7:00 pm on Saturday May 13th. Each show is approximately 1 hr and 45 minutes. Your dancer will only be in one of the shows unless taking multiple classes. All information regarding the show and rehearsal schedule can be found here:

Defile 2023 Rehearsal & Photo Information - Coming Soon

  What To Wear DEFILE CAST 2:00 - Coming Soon

What to Wear DEFILE CAST 7:00 - Coming Soon

Things to remember for the day of the show:

-Please double check what time/show your dancer is performing.

2:00pm Show - Your dancer call time is 1:00pm (3,4 & 5 yr olds call time is 1:30pm)

-7:00 pm Show - Your dancer call time is 6:00 pm (3,4 & 5 yr olds call time is 6:30pm)

**The Shows will also be posted in the lobby for you to see what show/s your dancer will be performing.

-Please have your child's name on all their belongings that are coming.

-No food or colored drinks are allowed backstage (water is fine).

-Please pack your dancers bag with items that will keep them busy in between numbers.

Things to remember for the day of rehearsal:

IN STUDIO Tech is during class time Week Of May 1st - 4th

Dress Rehearsal: Saturday - May 6th AT DIXIE HIGH SCHOOL

Dancers arrive 30 min prior, make-up not necessary

Broadway  10:30 am

Pretty Pirouette, Baby Ballerinas & Little Swans On Stage 11:00 - 12:00pm

All Others:

If you are dancing in the 2PM Show:  Rehearsals run 12:00-3:00pm

If you are dancing in the 7pm Show:  Rehearsals run 3:00pm-6:00pm

*You may leave after all your dances have been on stage.

. This information is posted in the lobby and on the website.



Seating will be reserved and tickets must be purchased directly through our website. Tickets can be purchased here: On Sale Soon

$1.00 Service Fee per ticket will be charged

Ticket Pricing

Adults/Children: $10
Lap Children are Free
*Service Fees do apply.. please read above for detailed information*


Every dancer needs to have make-up on otherwise the lights on the stage will wash your daughters face out and any videos/pictures taken that night will not turn out how you will want them to! Obviously younger dancers won’t have tons of makeup on, but they do need “some” in order to be performance ready! Black mascara on eyelashes, Blush on cheeks and Lipstick on lips. Older dancers will want darker make-up. 

Flower and Photo Information:

Photo Week:  May 8th - 11th.  Sitting Fee is $45.00 Per Student.  Includes Group and individual photos of every class they are in.

Photos will be sent digitally by June 22nd.

Please arrive 30 minutes prior, hair and make up ready. Your student can leave after their photos have been taken. 

AM Classes During your student's regular class time. 

Photo Schedule will be released shortly

Flowers:  Order forms can be found at the front desk (If you place an order, they will be available for pick up at the show).  We will have some flowers on sale at the theater.

  • A tradition of WS Defile is our little ballerinas, the 3, 4 & 5 yr olds, are presented flowers and taken off the stage by their dad as part of their dance.  Please know it can be a Grand Dad, Brother, Uncle or Mom if needed

    Performance Fee:

    $40 - $50 per Student/per Class

    *Recital Fees will be automatically posted to all accounts*

    Performance Fee Due Date: March 1st

DVD’s and Digital Downloads will be available for purchase. More info coming soon.

Additional Info:


Dancers all need to have their appropriate CLASS CODE CLOTHING clean and ready as part of their performance, rehearsal and photo attire.  NO underwear worn under leotards, NO bra straps allowed under performance wear, NO jewelry, Hair in Bun NO BANGS. There is NO gum or NO eating food in your performance wear when you are backstage, during rehearsal at the theater. 

Please be helpful and kind, keep your area clean and organized. 

What to Wear: Ballet dancers wear pink FOOTED tights and Pink leather ballet shoes with strings tucked in. 

Please have your child's name on all their belongings that come to the theatre. 

BROADWAY BABY Classes: Please have your tap items in a Gallon Baggie with their name on their bag.  And Please have your Jazz items in a Gallon Baggie with their name on their bag. (WS provides costume, accessories and headpieces needed for photo and performance). 

Backstage there is a door monitor person who is instructed that no unauthorized persons should be let back.  This is in accordance with the contract between WS and DHS, for insurance and fire code reasons.  We request dancers to remain backstage during the performance.  The show is 1 hr 55 min.  It goes by fast, it is A PARADE OF DANCE. 

We as a staff thank you for allowing us the opportunity to work with your children.  There are many hard working, talented and quality students dancing here at Westside Studio, we feel it a privilege to know your dancer and feel lucky to know them. 


Sheila Bailey & Westside Studio Staff

Keepsake Ads and Dancer Shout-outs

Show your dancer some love with Keepsake Ads and Dancer Shout-outs in our Defile Program. This year you can wish your dancer(s) luck, send a shout-out to one (or all) of your dancers/friends at the studio or advertise for your business to thousands of people in the Washington County area. Download the form below for instructions and info:

Keepsake Ad/Business Ad/Shout-out Form

Keepsake Ad/Shout-out Full Page Template

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