The Nutcracker - The Story

On a frosty Christmas Eve the StahlBaum's were giving a festive party for family and friends. There was a beautiful tree, gifts for the children, dancing and lots of delicious food. The last to arrive was Clara's Uncle Drosselmeyer was a wonderful storyteller and a bit of a magician. especially in the toy department. He had brought a very special gift for Clara, a handsome Nutcracker. Her little brother, Fritz, was a bit of a trouble maker.

While Clara was standing with her new Nutcracker, Fritz grabbed it out of her hands. During a tug of war her beloved Nutcracker was broken. Uncle Drosselmeyer was quick to fix him up and dry Clara's tears. It wasn't long before the children tired and the guests headed for home, but Clara could not stop thinking about her Nutcracker. So back downstairs she crept to get him and curled up on the sofa and fell asleep. While Clara was sleeping, Uncle Drosselmeyer came into the room and using his magic, the tree began to grow, the mice began to grow and before her eyes he turned her Nutcracker into a handsome Prince. Her Nutcracker Prince called for his soldiers and bravely led them in battle against the mice being led by their Mouse King. Clara took off her shoe to stop the Mouse King from hurting her Prince. Startling the King, the Nutcracker Prince killed him with one thrust of his sword. The defeated mice slink away dragging their dead King after them. Clara fearing her Prince was dead was happy to find him really there.

The Prince wanted to take her to meet his friends so they could thank her for helping to spare his life. Together they stepped outside with the falling snow whisking around them in a pretty white dance, carrying them to the Land of Sweets. Everything living in the Land of Sweets was named after delicious things to eat. When the Prince and Clara arrived, he told his friends all about the battle with the huge mice and how Clara had saved him. Hurray for Clara! Then the fairies whisked her away and turned her night gown into a beautiful costume fit for a princess. She and her Prince were then seated in wonderful thrones while the people of the Land of Sweets performed beautiful dances. At last the Sugar Plum Fairy reappeared with her own handsome Prince be her side. When the dancing was over, it was time for Clara to go. She thanked the entertainers and her Prince took her hand and led her to his sleigh. "It's time for us to go, but we will come back to the Land of Sweets every Christmas Eve."