It’s showtime folks!

We are now coming to the end of another fun year and the little ones have learned a lot including a little growing up (hee hee).  


Here’s how it works:

The girls will do their regular class work in studio 4 here at Westside Studio.  Benches and chairs are set up for the parents and grandparents.  Cameras are welcome.  (Some children are not comfortable with the crowd in the room so be prepared for what your child’s level of participation may be.  It’s important to be supportive or we may have you get up and dance with us:)   Our plan is to keep their little show simple, fun and as stress free as possible.  We know the performance aspect of dance to be as much work and preparation as are the skills.  Sometimes it will take years  for children to feel comfortable with the performing.


An important tradition

Here at Westside Studio our little dancers receive flowers at the end of their performance.  We have a special little song we do for our dads at the end of our class that ends with the dad, or available family member, presenting the dancer with flowers.  (It’s a cute photo op).   Then your family~group will go to a tablecloth and you ALL will “Be Our Guest” served by your little dancer at a Picnic Cookie Party.  


Flowers can be preordered & prepaid for your convenience at our front desk.  They can be picked up in our lobby prior to your class showing.  You are not obligated to purchase.  This is just a courtesy of Westside Studio. (Please let us know if you would like us to have flowers for your dancer ready here at the studio they are $6.00 or $20.00)


Photo arrangements are made with a photographer for their regular class time May 2nd & 3rd.  Photo shoot is here at WS. Group & Individuals.  The dancers get to come in Studio 1 and choose what they want to wear as well as any accessories.  Photos are $35.00 and will be sent digitally.  Please be prepared to wait for your child during their photo shoot (NO ONE OTHER THAN DANCERS WILL BE ALLOWED IN PHOTO SHOOT).


Class showing dates & times:

Tuesday  10:00 class show will be May 9th at 12:00 – 1:00

Wednesday 10:30 class show will be May 10th at 12:00 – 1:00


 If you have any questions please call our office,  674-9728.

 Dancingly yours,

 Sheila Bailey & Westside Studio Staff